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St Mary's Hospital panorama


Mayo Park Rest House


State Hospital


Conley camera factory

The Conley Camera Company's second factory was built in 1908/9 at 501 Main St (now 5th Ave NW). It was the first poured-concrete structure built in Minnesota. A Mayo warehouse is now on the site, just north of the concrete plant.


Charlie Mayo House

This was Charlie Mayo's first home. It was built next door to his brother Will's house, and supposedly there were eight different connections between the two, ranging from a tube speaker system to a tunnel that linked their basements. The site is now a parking lot next to the clinic's OPUS research building.

Judd House

Dr Judd was one of the early partners in the Mayo group practice. His home is still standing, significantly expanded and operating as the Gift of Life Transplant House.


Stone Bridge at Mill Race

I believe that this bridge was located near Cole's Mill in north Rochester, sometimes called the Zumbro Mill. The mill was badly damaged in the 1883 tornado, and I don't know if it or another mill were still along that stretch of the Zumbro c.1910.



The Cascade House and General Store were located directly across from St Mary's Hospital, about where Maria's Motel is now. It's odd that they chose to portray the two buildings as they have here, since the two businesses were side-by-side.

Chute Sanitarium

The Chute Sanitarium was located just north of Central Park and operated under many owners and names for several decades. It ultimately burned down in 1981. This must have been later in its existence as the Chute (renamed the Watson Hotel in 1917), as earlier images don't show the screened-in balconies.


Bird's-eye view


Hotel Rommel Lobby

The site of the Hotel Rommel is now the Carson Art Supply parking lot at the corner of Broadway and 4th St South. It burned down in 1953.


Mayo Park in Winter

Mayo Park in the wintertime, now where the Public Library is.


Samaritan Hotel

The Samaritan was located at 25 7th Ave NW. The site is just west of the Super-America on Broadway, and I believe that at least a portion of the original building still exists.


Early SMH

A card from 1901-1907 depicting St Mary's Hospital as it originally looked. The carriage in front may very well belong to the Mayos.


Stat Hospital Main Building

An uncommon shot of the entrance to the Second State Hospital for the Insane, located near the present-day Federal Medical Center. The back of the card reads, 'Please take good care of "Bernard" until I get home. Mamma'


State Hospital

The Second State Hospital for the Insane from the East.


The New Clinic

A depiction of Mayo Clinic's Plummer Building the year before it opened. The flat top shown here was altered at the last minute to include a carillon. This card was sent to someone in Havana, Cuba ("Habana" in the postmarks). How it made its way back to Minnesota is a mystery.



The YMCA was built in 1909 and torn down in 1938. The west end of the 201 Building currently occupies the site. The little building beside it was the original First National Bank. It either moved there or later moved to 3rd Ave SW near the original Court House. The Hotel Martin was later built on the site. It's now a parking lot.



The armory still stands on north Broadway and is now the Seniors' Center.


Central School

This postcard of Central School was sent to family in early Oct, 1910, from a newly-hired teacher. Perhaps prudently not wishing to alarm her familiy, she neglects to mention that the building had burned a month earlier. The school, truncated to two stories, operated as the Mayo Museum of Hygiene and Medicine for many years. In the mid-1950s it was torn down and replaced by the clinic's Mayo Building.


Library at night