The Chicago & Great Western depot stood at the corner of what is now 2nd St SE and 1st Ave SE. Mayo Park was across the road to the right of the train tracks (where the Public Library stands now), and the Northern Hotel was directly across 2nd. Originally the Winona & Western depot, the railroad was bought by CGW in 1901. In 1903, the building was cut in two and moved from its original location alongside the Zumbro river on the south side of College Street (4th St) and moved to the location shown here. Although passenger service ended in the early 1960s, the depot served as a Greyhound bus station from 1962 until 1987. Then it was moved to a vacant lot behind the Silver Lake Power Plant until a way to preserve it could be found. In the early 1990s, the depot was moved yet again to its original location, where it is now a Mexican restaurant. The tracks still run through town and serve the AMPI dairy plant and a scrapyard, where the line terminates. The segment of CGW line north of town was torn out and forms part of the Douglas Trail.